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Giving kids a head start in learning to ride

Based on the Balanceability programme, Glide balance bike classes comprises of structured lesson plans that help children develop gross motor skills, spatial awareness, dynamic and static balance, bilateral coordination along with the necessary skills to make the transition from a balance bike to an ordinary pedal bike in a safe, challenging but fun way.


Balanceability is a 2 level programme with each level being delivered in 6 sessions of 40 minutes.



Level One is aimed at children from the age of 2 yrs +. At this level, the fundamental movement patterns, gross motor skills and dynamic balance are incorporated along with an introduction to the balance bike. Children learn how to pick up, manoeuvre, mount and dismount their bikes and then learn the skills to ride a balance bike safely. The aim of level 1 is to create the confidence to glide a balance bike with their feet off the floor.



Level two is aimed at children aged 3 yrs +. However some younger children have the confidence and ability to participate in level 2 immediately upon completion of level One.


Level two continues the development of gross motor skills and dynamic balance. The main goal is to improve the children’s gliding, stopping and braking skills to enable them to ride solo on a pedal bike (from session 4) safely and confidently. The art of riding a bicycle is dependant upon a good understanding and experience of balance.




Indoor: King Alfred Leisure Centre (LC), Shoreham Community Centre, Worthing LC, Horsham Pavillions in the Park LC, The Triangle LC, Lancing Manor LC, The Dolphin LC, Portslade LC, Lewes LC

Outdoor: Preston Park, Hove Park, Stoneham Park, Stanmer Park

Meet Our Team

Russell James

Founder and Coach

Russell has enjoyed being on a bike since ever since he can remember. From wobbling on his 1st bike a Raleigh budgie as he tried to keep up with the bigger children on Grifters. Buying his first racing bike for £10 with all the 5p/10p pieces his Grand parents had saved up for him, to racing BMX’s, then riding a mountain bike off-road for the 1st time in the Red wood forests of California which inspired him to become a mountain bike guide. He is generally happiest on his bike and wants to share his passion for riding a bike.. After both his children learnt to ride on a

balance bike, he wants to promote the balanceability programme and get children into riding as early as possible.


To find out more or to book a class please contact Russell on:

M:  07930 676 035


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